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2013-12-30: 30C3 Recordings Release

The 30C3 video recording release process has started.

2013-11-28: Torrents

The new CDN allows us to serve torrents for all the videos. Torrent links have been added to all video pages.

2013-07-26: SIGINT13 video release

The SIGINT13 videos are now available via web.
You can click the little speaker symbol on the video thumbnail to get an audio-only version.

2012-07-23: SIGINT12 video release

The SIGINT12 videos are now available via web.
You can click the little speaker symbol on the video thumbnail to get an audio-only version.

2012-01-04: 28C3 webm release

With special thanks to the FEM team, the 28c3 videos are now mirrored and available in our web interface.

There is no streamable mp4 yet, so your browser needs to support html5.

Have a flash-free new year!

2011-10-29: Froscon11 release and CCCamp11 re-encodes

We finished re-encoding the cccamp2011 mp4 and webm files. Better quality ogg videos are still in the queue. As you can see here a few recordings (4423, 4446, 4461, 4551, 4553) are still missing completely – we hope to scrape these from the analogous tapes some day soon.

The Froscon 2011 open source conference videos are now online: web frontend

2011-09-22: SIGINT10 final release (3/3)

We finished encoding most of the missing SIGINT10 videos. Sadly, we had some technical difficulties during the actual recording. Due to these problems, the audio quality is really bad in some of the 20 new videos. Since the problem is present in the raw files, we will not be able to fix it. But better to release something than to leave these poor video kittens to die.

2011-08-15 Camp 2011 Videos

Thanks to the video crew a huge number of Chaos Communication Camp 2011 recordings are already online.

Btw, we’ve updated our “itunes/miro” podcast feeds:

2011-07-21 Camp 2011 Trailer

The Chaos Communication Camp 2011 Trailer is online.

2011-01-03 Audio problems with 27c3 videos

As many of you pointed out, the audio track of some videos is missing. It’s going to be fixed, so stay tuned.

Update: First couple of re-muxed videos are online!

2011-01-01 First 27c3 videos online

The first videos from the annual
CCC congress in berlin are online. This years motto was “We Come In Peace” for
further info please visit
the wiki and
checkout the Fahrplan
For now we can provide you just some files but we add them as soon as we get
them from the FEM guys who did an awesome job – as always. Oh and please
report broken files.
Update: We experienced some problems with the audio in some files and
we’re working on it. The sound in the downloadable mp4 files works well. Stay
tuned for further updates.

2010-18-09 FrOSCon 2010 Videos online

We just released the Videos from this years FrOSCon.
It was a great conference so thanks to the organizers.
Have fun watching the lectures
and please report broken files.
The schedule is also available.

2010-08-01: HTML5 + Audio-only

HTML5 video kind of works for certain browsers. Video on the web is a mess. We may have to introduce a cookie (in the far future) to allow you to choose from available players.

Did you notice the little speaker icon on some of the thumbnail images? It’s the link to the audio-only version!

2010-05-20: SIGINT10 Videos online (2/3)

We managed to release a large part of the SIGINT10 videos for your online viewing pleasure (or download from Videos / Audio files). The missing videos will be released soon, due to several issues we can’t settle on a specific date.

2010-04-21: EH2010 Recordings online

The Videos from the Easterhegg 2010 in Munich are now online for watching.

Maybe there’ll be some more in the next days.

2010-01-22: 26C3 Recordings: 87

You can now browse and download 87 video recordings from the 26th Chaos Communication Congress.

We are currently looking into html5 video players for the h264 files, but since few browsers (chrome / safari) support this, it might not be worth the trouble.
We might have to convert everything as ogg/theora so we can use html5 video with firefox and opera, but this might take a while.

2010-01-02: 26C3 Recordings

The 26th Chaos Communication Congress is over and the first 67 videos are available via streaming.
More recordings from will be added soon.

Once FEM finishes the encodings we’ll try to make the pseudo streaming work.

2009-09-12: SIGINT09 Videos

Videos from SIGINT09 are now available.
Audio recordings are downloadable from the file server.